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What is Lit Protocol?

Lit is a decentralized key management and compute network. Builders of apps, wallets, protocols, and AI agents use Lit to advance digital ownership with decentralized keys and private, immutable programs.

Lit provides web3 builders with advanced cryptographic tools and secure hardware to manage non-custodial keys, perform private computations, handle data encryption, execute cross-chain functions, develop privacy-preserving applications, and so much more.

What are Lit Actions?

Blockchains like Ethereum have smart contracts that let developers encode logic to change that state. As a key management network, Lit provides a method that allows developers to encode logic that dictates signing and encryption / decryption.

Lit Actions are JavaScript functions that can be used read and write data across blockchains, web2 platforms, and the rest of the web3 world. You can think of them as decentralized serverless functions with access to their own public / private key pair. You can use Lit Actions to generate signatures when your specified on or off-chain conditions are met, fetch data from off-chain platforms, manage permissions for Programmable Key Pairs (PKPs), and so much more.

All Lit Actions are executed within the trusted execution environment (TEE) present within each Lit node, meaning the computation remains completely private and immutable. Additionally, all Lit Actions can be chained together to create sophisticated applications and protocols.

All you need to know about V0.1

The latest v0.1 update of the Lit Protocol introduces general performance improvements, and the ability to decrypt and sign within a Lit Action, taking advantage of the Lit nodes’ trusted execution environments (TEEs) for privacy-preserving, scalable, and verifiable computation.

Previously, Lit Actions could not use private material for signing without involving the user. Now, developers can create Lit Actions that handle signing autonomously, making it possible to replace centralized servers used for signing with decentralized, serverless functions that can be called from dApps when needed.

You can read more about this upgrade here.


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